I am Micaiah Yhisrael and while I am a Registered Nurse by trade, I will forever love words.  Whether reading or writing I have had a long-lasting and fruitful love affair with words and the feelings they can cause. I understand the power in them and how they can be used to build and to destroy. Being a nurturer at heart I seek to build up and therefore, it is my wish that these posts will offer you comfort, motivation, encouragement, reflection and or inspiration.

With that said I am also a self-published author of the book Roller Coaster of a Journey, filled with motivational, inspirational and thought provoking self-reflections, life experiences, poetry and essays. And also The Mirage of Love is a friends to lovers urban fiction with all the scintillating twists, turns and drama that come along with opening Pandora’s box. It questions what real love looks and feels like.

I hope this site causes you to think outside your normal box. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to give vision through written words to the thoughts of myself and others!