Book: Roller Coaster of a Journey

Paperback; autographed copy. Book is $12 + $3.50 shipping and handling inside the U.S.


Roller Coaster of a Journey is a personal experience with voyeuristic tendencies, meaning not all wisdom gleaned in life was experienced first hand. It is a collection of thoughts, poetry and essays, meant to provoke thoughts, feelings and personal reflection. The ride will be different for each reader, as perspectives and experience will lend to the experience. Come take a ride with me.



Book: The Mirage of Love (autographed copy) ($15 book + 3.50 shipping=$18.50)

The Mirage of Love is a friends to lovers urban fiction with all the scintillating twists, turns and drama that come along with opening Pandora's box. It questions what real love looks and feels like.