Out of Sync

Today is Mother’s Day and all week I’ve felt over emotional and bereft. Most of all I’ve felt out of sync.

For those of us, whose moms are no longer alive this is such a bittersweet day. The woman whose heartbeat we first heard from the inside out, who set the pattern for our own beating heart is no longer around for us to hug, hold, call for advice or just know she’s there.

They say time heals all wounds, but I don’t think it heals them; it just makes them easier to cope with.

While grappling with the waves of grief that tend to catch us unaware we also have to be grateful if we have been blessed with the title of mom, whether that title is bestowed upon you by blood or by love it’s all relative. This love from a child or children is generally the ray of sunshine needed on such a bittersweet day. If nothing else Mother’s day and all special dates and days remind us that tomorrow is not promised and life has limits and limitations and we should appreciate each day given.

Far too often we get caught up in our emotions and want to stop and languish in our despair, but life goes on and so must we. Have your cry or several, then wash your face, take some cleansing breaths and go out and live a life that would make your Mother proud. A mother wants nothing more than for her child or children to be okay mentally, physically and emotionally, therefore, if you can’t get over griefs hurdle alone, go talk to someone. There is no strength greater than recognizing your own weaknesses or areas of vulnerability and asking for help in those areas. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the cloak of darkness that grief can cover you in; you were born to live in light.

May you find peace and solace in loved filled memories and may the thought of them embrace you in love and comfort.

Happy Mother’s Day


A basket full of unfolded clothes

0506170942.jpgNo, this is not about laundry, it is however, about incomplete goals. Sometimes in life we lack motivation to finish what we start. Hence, the clothes basket, just because you wash clothes doesn’t mean you’re done, you have to fold and put them away.

It’s the same way with tasks or goals. We will say we want to lose weight, workout and eat right and we do for a week or two. Then the excuses come, I don’t have the money to buy healthy food this week, I can skip a day or 2 or 3 at the gym. Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself that you’re happy being overweight and truly don’t need to change. The lies we tell ourselves! We have to be open and honest first with ourselves.

If you know you lack motivation and follow through then get a buddy or friend to hold you accountable. Better yet, pay for a personal trainer, shelling out the extra cash for a trainer is the extra motivation some of us need, gym fees alone are often not enough.

Write yourself little post it notes and leave in the places you frequent the most: bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, bedroom door, closet door, remind yourself of your goals and visions for your life. Journal, write it all down and set short term goals attainable by the week, mid term goals attainable in a month or 2, then long term goal attainable in 6 months to a year and track your progress. Start small and build up, that way you build confidence while creating positive life style changes.

Be realistic with yourself when setting time frames and know your limitations. Develop a support system, even if it consists of prayer and meditation versus actual people. Because you have to know your circle and if it’s full of negative Nancy’s then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Everyone around you is not always cheering for your victory, some just want a front row seat to see your defeat. Don’t give them what they want. Trust you were born with the Divine purpose to win.

Believe in yourself and believe in your own self importance. More importantly believe you can accomplish any and every goal you set in all aspects of your life. Claim it! You are victory personified! And it is so!
Just a diverse woman sharing my thoughts, ideas and 2 cents!

Don’t Stop Believing


Keep dreaming, keep pushing.

Don’t let doubts or naysayers keep you from realizing your dreams.

Realize and know that where you are in life is where you need to be in order to learn the lesson, so see the blessings.

Delayed is not denied, sometimes we reach our goals at a slower pace than we may have planned, and it’s ok.

The goal is to finish, and have staying power not just about arriving.

Remember to write down your ideas, those thoughts tend to broaden your vision.

Conceive it, Believe It, Achieve it!!

Beyond the sky, there is no limit when you follow your dreams!!


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