I’ve loved words before I could speak them

They created lullabies in the womb by which I grew

Words are my music

They create symphonic images in my mind that stir my soul

Words have always held magic and power

The power to buildup and the power to breakdown

The power to hurt and the power to heal

The power to reconstruct your present and memorialize your past

Words run through my mind like cosmic rays of energy,

I connect with them on a spiritual level

Words lift me and twirl me around in dizzying yet gratifying circles

Providing comfort throughout life’s trials

Becoming my friend and confidante and sealing my relationship with pen and paper

Words are free

Free to just be

Yet have the power to be different things for different people and situations

Words tend to knowledge and wisdom when applied to an open mind

Words are transformative

Words live

Words are life


Author: MYD-Dreams

Micaiah Yhisrael is an author out of Cincinnati, OH. with a variety of writing genre’s and interests. Her love for reading and writing grew and flourished at an early age. Micaiah is a nurse by trade and a writer at heart. She’s a multi-faceted individual and it shows in the variety of works she is involved in. Book subjects range from inspirational, motivational, children’s empowerment to urban fiction and beyond. Micaiah’s creative flow and energy is at work, creating thoughtful and provoking stories. She can be found on social media including: Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter as MYD_Dreams. You can also find her sharing her tidbits of wisdom, known as Micaiahism’s, on Facebook as: MY-D Dreams.

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